Podcasting for B2B Lead Generation

What is a B2B lead generation podcast? 

Podcasting can be the means to many ends, whether it’s building your brand, adding your voice to the global discussion, or as a creative outlet, or attracting new clients and customers. The latter is a common for podcasts in the business-to-customer (B2C) sector, podcasts whose primary goal is to encourage listeners to buy their product, but podcasting is now proving to be a valuable tool for business-to-business (B2B) as well.

Lead generation when referring to B2B is finding and reaching out to other businesses interested in your product. Lead generation looks like speaking engagements at corporate events, stalls at industry conventions, or messages from agencies on LinkedIn. For podcasts, B2B lead generation is creating engaging content specific for the industry you’re potential clients are in, that shows your expertise and the benefits of paying for your product. They often take the form of interviews or panel discussions, and often include guests who are influential thought leaders in the industry.

Why is it so effective?

Podcasts are so effective for selling your product for many of the reasons they are so successful in every other area – They are intimate, secondary and mostly free.

The businesses you are trying to reach are indeed owned and operated by humans (as of February 2019), so the intimate nature of audio has the same engaging, personal effect as it does everywhere. They are also a secondary activity, which means they are often listened to while doing rote activities – washing or driving a car, doing the dishes or folding the laundry. This is very important for the B2B sector, because a lot of the entrepreneurs you are trying to reach are very busy themselves. You are able to capture the attention and time of people who may not otherwise have time to digest large amount of marketing content, like blog posts and articles. The low entry point for getting started with a podcast also makes it great for very niche industries, attracting a very specific client, and building your prospective base – if people are downloading your show, they’re already a prospect.

You can create niche, industry-specific, free content, with respected guests and thought leaders, quickly and easily. To make this process even quicker and easier, and for tips and advice, contact The Pod Farm and find out how we can help you turn your B2B idea into a successful lead generating podcast.