Why is Podcasting an Effective B2B Lead Generation Tool?

Podcasting is proving to be an effective tool for B2B lead generation, but why is it more effective than other more tradition marketing tools, like Facebook ads, or blog posts?

Firstly, let’s not suggest that social media ads and blog posts are not effective tools – they are – and podcasts are complimentary to this, rather than in place of.  However, podcasts are bigger than these other marketing tools, and can generate FB ads, posts, blogs all from the discussion in the podcast. For example, if you have on an expert in a specific industry as a guest, you can have a FB ad advertising the show, blog posts of excerpts or transcripts, Instagram posts and tweets of relevant and inspirational quotes from the episode. Podcasts are content generating machines, and best of all, you don’t have to generate this content! You guest will use their expertise to generate content, all you have to do is ask questions.

Podcasts hold a client’s attention

Podcasts also have the ability to hold attention like no other forms of media, outside of video games and movies. With a podcast, you can get the attention of prospective clients for 20 minutes, 1 hour, 3 hours. I don’t need to explain how important 3 hours of free marketing time with your ideal clients is. You just don’t get that much engagement from ads or blog posts. Most of us are too busy to spend 3 hours reading up on a company and what makes them special, but listening to a podcast on a 3-hour drive is easy and even pleasurable.

Add credibility to your brand

Having a podcast also boosts your standing in the industry, adding clout to your brand and therefore attractiveness to potential clients. Having thought leaders and influencers from your industry on your show adds credibility to your brand, and bring their audience to you. It also gives you a chance to flex your own expertise muscles and show your potential clients your strengths and what makes your product unique and important.

With podcasting you can create niche, industry-specific, free content, with respected guests and thought leaders, quickly and easily. To make this process even quicker and easier, and for tips and advice, contact The Pod Farm and find out how we can help you turn your B2B idea into a successful lead generating podcast.