The Equipment You Need to Start Your Podcast On A Budget

Podcasting on a Budget

Audio hardware is notoriously expensive, with true audiophile equipment costing thousands of pounds. Luckily for us, there are also some great budget options for those of us without those means. 

To get started you basically need a microphone, some headphones, and something to record in to. The criteria we have chosen for this is a balance of price and functionality - you will be able to find cheaper that the equipment we've listed here, but you probably don't want to. We believe this is the lowest cost equipment you can use that will still produce a decent show at the end of it.

Budget Microphone - Samson Q2U - £50

The Samson Q2U is a great entry level microphone with a low price point and great versatility. It is a dynamic microphone that has both USB and XLR connectivity – which means that it can start of as part of a simple set-up, but grow with you as you develop and move on to more professional equipment. Being a dynamic microphone, it wont pick up as much background noise so you can save yourself some money on soundproofing!

Budget Headphones - Samson SR850 Open-Back - £25

This great headphones punch way above their weight and at under £30, are an absolute steal. They offer clear mids for realistic vocal reproduction and the open-back design allows you to mix and master to a natural sounding finish. They are comfy and durable, and although the highs are a little harsh and bass a little lacking, they are an amazing offering fro Samson that will please any podcaster on a budget.

Budget Software - Audacity or Garageband

Luckily for us, two of the most widley used audio editing softwares are free to download and use forever - they are Audacity and Garageband. Check out our post comparing the two to see what would work for you.