At The Pod Farm we use cutting edge audio processing software and expert ears to make sure that every podcast is a quality production - have a listen below to some before and after examples:

Life Vocabulary Podcast:

Life Vocabulary is a new media website created by Serena Hussain. You will hear in the before clip from this episode several undesirable traits for a listenable episode. We compressed the track to level out the dynamics and used to noise gate to get rid of noisy gaps between phrases. The track was EQed to bring the voice to the front and to remove unwanted frequencies. Background music was playing during the recorded, so a high quality version of the music was layered underneath to fill out the sound and mask aspects of the tinny music in the recording that weren't removed by the gate or EQ.

For this next episode we were sent raw audio recorded with one microphone in the centre of a conversation. The result was echoey and thin, with a large dynamic range and lot of background hiss. 

We compressed the track to eliminate the dynamic discrepancies and limited the clipping that took place in the louder sections. We then enhanced the speech with de-noising and microphone re-modelling, then EQed to remove unwanted frequencies and bring the voices forward. This example is the end of the episode so you will hear that we also added in the outro music.

In both examples you will hear negative aspects that cannot be removed without re-recording sections. This shows the importance of starting with a good quality recording. Contact us or visit our blog for more information about proper recording techniques and how to make sure you capture the best possible quality.

This EndoLife Podcast:

This EndoLife is a website dedicated to empowering and educating women suffering from endometriosis and other related conditions - it is created by Jessica Duffin. The following example is from an episode where Jessica is interviewing over Skype to America. The call is being captured with eCamm Call Recorder. As you can hear there is a lot of noise being captured, creating a hissy and difficult to listen to recording. There is also a lot of cross-talk and needless 'yeah's and 'aha's, as well as typing being picked up in the background. We did the usual mixing and mastering of a vocal track, removed a lot of the excess noise and chatter and created a much more listenable peice of media.


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